Feature of OnePlus 6T

By | February 12, 2020

The Benefits of the OnePlus 6T

To be honest with you, the new phone called the OnePlus 6T from OnePlus has so many advantages, that I’m even tempted to have the peace of mind that they can give my old iPhone to me. In the latest mobile world, which is where we are, buying a mobile phone that will work for a long time without any problems has become something that many people desire.

What I’m going to show you below are some of the positive features of the new phone called the OnePlus 6T from OnePlus. I will tell you that the phone is affordable, and it is only sold in one colour, black. So, if you want the full functionality, you can’t miss this phone.

OnePlus 6T

           OnePlus 6T

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The phone has a dual-camera, like the one from the LG G6, that has wide and telephoto lens that allows you to take pictures with more clarity. The multi-sensor feature allows you to take multiple photos at different angles, so you can get as close as possible to the subject and then select the best photo.

To get this phone from OnePlus, you will only need to purchase a case, a screen protector, a charger, earbuds, and a USB cable to connect the phone to your computer. The case will protect the phone and the screen from scratches and ensure the phone will not experience any dents, when you carry it with yours.


The OnePlus phone has built-in privacy modes, that makes your phone even better because the phones are set in the highest privacy setting. With this feature, the phone will only send out your call, texts, and notifications to people who are in the same area as you.

This phone has a great battery life and can last for up to seven hours. This is thanks to the efficient dual-core processor that allows it to handle the demanding tasks without missing out on anything. Another great feature, that made me switch from other phones to the Oxygen OS phone, is the ability to take all the special shots with the camera. There are multiple settings that allow you to take panoramic shots, sports shots, and selfies.

OnePlus 6T

                OnePlus 6T

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The Android OES application for the OnePlus has many of the cool features that make it so popular among other brands like the Samsung and Google phones. When you’re in an area where you can take photos, you can use the flash feature on the OnePlus.

The OnePlus Oses Version has three modes: the Photo Mode, the Movie Mode, and the Video Mode. You can activate any mode by simply holding down the power button and the volume button.

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T

To get all the mapping features of the Oxygen OS, you can purchase a pedometer that comes with the phone. If you go out on a nice walk, you can just push the button on the pedometer and get the distance that you have walked, as well as calories, burned.

While the OnePlus phone has many other features, you can get more detailed information about the phone by going to their website. They have some other interesting features, but most people want a simple camera and navigation.

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